Lighting Design and Planning

We provide end to end lighting design and planning services – from concept to implementation

Overarching project support

End to end architectural lighting design and planning of all project stages according to a unique, structured and proven methodology

The support includes concept creation according to client requirements, project specifics and architectural vision, detailed planning, lighting calculations, tender pack, selection of lighting fixtures, implementation support and more

Assistance with specific project stages

Tailored support of specific project stages according to client’s needs with any lighting design and planning services

Review and adjustment of existing lighting plans

On-site implementation support – trials, alignments and final touches


Professional deep dive on a
specific need

On site consulting

Assistance with lighting fixtures
selection, adjustment of lighting
levels, lighting calculations, design
concept and more

Ad-hoc consulting

Training, Lectures and Education

Knowledge transfer is of utmost importance for us We provide a wide range of professional trainings and courses for a variety of clints, from architects to private

Professional training and courses

Overarching lighting design and planning course (including private, hotels, retail, offices and more)

Lighting design basics course

Preparation of lighting plans and
specifications course

Dialux Evo software training (lighting

Lectures and workshops

Lectures on a variety of lighting design related topics for architects, interior designers, universities and colleges

Dedicated workshops for a deep dive on specific fields – selection of lighting fixtures, adjusting lighting temperature to specific areas, types of lighting and more

Professional materials and insights

Children’s room lighting

Office / workspace lighting

Kitchen lighting

Shop lighting

Museum lighting

Green Building Support and Consulting

We provide a broad range of consulting services in support in the field of green building
Our Green Building Service Package allows peace of mind for entrepreneurs, suppliers, contractors and engineers in this complex but important field

Green Building Services Package

End to end support for the planning approval process according to the Israeli Green Building Standard 5281

Review the alignment with Green Building standards and adjustment of lighting plans

Lighting calculations materials for approval

Design and adjustment of lighting fixtures to project needs and Green Building standards

Tailored support

Tailored support in the field of Green Building for specific project needs

Specific support and consultations

A dedicated support and consultation in the field of Green Building for specific project needs according to the relevant stage